One of my earliest childhood memories was singing "Amazing Grace" at my great-grandmother's funeral when I was six years old. The memory is bittersweet, but also significant, as it would be the first of many opportunities to use music as a means of providing comfort, hope and encouragement to others.  

Growing up, you could often find me in a field somewhere with my guitar, composing melodies and penning lyrics. Many of which found their way into my first full-length album, Hallelujah, when I was 18.

Surrendering to God's call on my life for ministry, I attended bible college. Where I would end up meeting my wonderful husband, Josh, and - after a romantic beach proposal and four month long engagement - marry at 21. Of course, I wrote a song about it. "Right Beside You" and six others were released in 2010 on an EP entitled, New Day

In 2012, I ventured into writing songs for the church and co-wrote on the Watermark Worship album, O My Soul

Music and ministry have always gone hand in hand for me and my husband, as we have served together for almost 10 years in several churches throughout southeast Alabama and Florida. Currently, my husband is serving as Pastor at Chets North (a campus of Chets Creek Church) in Jacksonville, Florida and I help lead the music on the worship team. While music will always be a passion and calling, my life and mission changed drastically after giving birth to our son, Micah, in 2012 and daughter, Hannah, in 2014. These days, I can be found playing "Hungry Hippo" on the floor of our Jacksonville home, while also trying to slip in a few moments of songwriting at the piano. 

In 2016, after much encouragement and support from family and friends, I was able to record new music again! Storms EP was released in late August and, within 24 hours, landed in the Top 5 albums on the iTunes "Top 100 Christian and Gospel albums" chart! Such a cool moment. 

Being creative for the glory of God, goes beyond just music for me. After many years of practicing photography as a hobby, I dove in headfirst and launched a part-time photography business, Cassidy Robinson Photography, in 2014. This has been a creative outlet, while also providing a source of income that gives me the opportunity to stay home full-time with my babies. Photography has become a wonderful way to connect with families and make new friends in the community, while also giving back the gift of a captured moment. 

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” - Aaron Siskind


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