10 Signs You May Be A Creative Mom


Moms spend a lot of time comparing themselves with each other. We want to know the secret to how some moms seem to "do it ALL" while others struggle to "just do IT."

Don't be fooled, Mommying is hard work. And there is nothing worse than trying your hardest to be somebody that you're not created to be.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I found out quickly that I am not the most organized, stay-on-top-of-it-all type of mom. And that's okay. My personality leans heavily towards being Type B. I am pretty easy-going by nature and don't tend to get stressed out very easily. 

But you know what I discovered? The one area where I do tend to get stressed, is finding the balance between being a creative person and a mom. If I don't have an outlet to create, I feel suffocated. But finding an outlet to create and also managing to take care of two small children at home can be humorous at times. And as I began thinking about some of the hilarious situations I find myself in, I thought maybe some of you creative moms out there could relate. So here goes...


10 Signs You May Be a Creative Mom

1. You are known to lock yourself in a bathroom or closet to get some alone time to 'create.' 

2. You struggle with letting your children watch too much TV, unless it means you get time alone to create something.

3. Your children are never bored. You have mastered the art of improvisation and can make fun out of everything. 

4. Speaking of making everything fun, you sing the "clean up" song when it's time to pick up mess around the house. More for your entertainment than theirs. 

5. The idea of homeschooling sounds exciting, but the discipline needed to implement it sounds stressful. 

6. You know the trick to getting crayons, markers and paint off the walls, tables and floors - magic erasers.   

7. You spend more time on Pinterest than you would ever want to admit publicly. And your photo gallery is full of screenshots of "crafts" and "recipes" that you never pinned. 

8. Finding time to shower is a real struggle. And when leaving the house the debate is always, "be on time" or "shower?" 

9. Your husband never knows which wife he'll come home to. One day you're Martha Stewart, with the house cleaned and dinner on the table. And the next day (and most days, if you're like me) you are still in your pajamas and definitely ordering pizza. 

10. Ultimately, you realize you'll never create anything as beautiful, unique and special as your children.