Album Review: Nothing is Wasted by Elevation Worship

As I type this, Elevation Worship's newest album "Nothing is Wasted" is sitting at #5 on the overall, most-downloaded iTunes Albums charts.

Yep. There it is. Smooshed in-between Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake.

Seriously. What an accomplishment!

It is amazing to see worship music make a national impact on the music world. Songs that are lifted up to our God for His glory, His honor, His fame. Songs that bring us into His presence and on our knees to worship. Songs that give us a glimpse of what heaven will be like one day.

But let's be honest, not all churches have welcomed this style of music with open arms. For some, the electric guitar riffs are too piercing. The drums too loud. The words too repetitive.

But for the rest of us who have fully embraced Psalm 96:1, "Sing a new song to the Lord!" You can be filled with anticipation that many of these songs will be making their way into your church rotation very soon.

After listening through the entire album (both live and recorded versions), I have chosen the Top 5 songs that I would like to see added to my church rotation (no pressure, Jimmy).

1. Nothing is Wasted

Goodness, this title track is powerful. Worship leaders, this is the number one song I would recommend adding to your rotation. It doesn't get more true than this.

You are loving You are wise There is nothing in my life You cannot revive

Nothing is wasted You work all things for good Nothing is wasted Your promise remains Forever You reign

2. Great in Us

The opening track sets the tone of the album perfectly. Love the extended instrumental intro. I could get really detailed with how much I enjoyed the build of this song, down to the piano-only instrumental and the layering of drum beats over the bridge. But the lyrics are really what make this song one of my top choices for corporate worship.

Greater than our sin A greater love begins Through the power of Your cross Your love is great in us You've taken all our shame You've washed it all away Through the power of Your cross Your love is great in us

3. Be Lifted High

This song is simple. And sometimes simple makes the best worship song. This embodies everything that a worship song should be - exalting God and showing our need for Him. And I absolutely LOVE the catchy chorus, in fact I think I'll probably have it in my head for the rest of this post.

You be lifted high You be lifted higher I belong to You I am nothing without You

4. Open Up Our Eyes

I like that we were able to hear two different versions of this song on the album. I like them both, in different ways. But the acoustic-intro in the live version really won me over. It has a great melody. And again, great lyrics. I am so thankful that Elevation does a great job at incorporating scripture in their songs.

For Your love endures forever Oh Your love endures forever Open up our eyes, surround us with Your light Your love endures forever

Our God is fighting for us always Our God is fighting for us all Our God is fighting for us always We are not alone, we are not alone

5. In Your Presence

It was hard for me to choose just one more song for my Top 5. There are several others that I really love (including Greater & Unchanging God). But the bridge really makes this song come alive for me. And there is nothing greater I ask of a worship song than to be in His presence.

You will be our guide To the end, to the end The Lord is with me He will not forsake me


There you have it! My Top 5 recommendations.

Hope you enjoy worshiping to these new songs. I know God is blessed by our praises!