Happy Home

I really love spending time at home. And since we've moved and I'm not working, I've had a lot of time to do that. But lately, this has made me realize how anxious I am for our little boy to be here! Our home feels so empty and lonely with just me in it during the day. And part of me feels purposeless until his arrival. I mean, I know this isn't true... I'm still a wife, the cook, the cleaner and someone has to feed our dog and fish. :) But, I just can't wait to be a mother! Since we still own a house in Alabama, we're renting our home here in Florida. You would think that with the same things on the wall, same furniture and decorations, that it would naturally feel the same. But things are different. This home is bigger and has lots more space, yet we still miss our little garden home. Renting puts limitations on what you can do - I've had to get over the "no painting" rule and get used to the idea of someone else randomly making visits to mow the lawn. Our little Alabama home was our first place. We loved it and wish we could've picked it up and moved it here with us. (It's funny, as I'm writing this I'm also half-watching HGTV's "Our First Place." I love this show!)

But as they say, "home is where the heart is" and "a home is where you make it." So we've turned this little rental into our happy home. I've posted a few snapshots below. We've been here almost a month and we're still working on filling up all the extra space.

Things I'm looking forward to working on: - the nursery! you'll see we haven't really started much yet. - getting a coffee table and rug for the living area. - hanging some wall shelves in the dining area. - adding to our "beach collection" for the top cabinet shelving in our kitchen. - adding a sitting area/rocking chair in our master suite - will be helpful when Micah comes!

Thanks for stopping by!