Today, I turn 30. 

I have been torn for months between treating this birthday like just another day and making a bucket list of crazy and adventurous things to do before I roll over to another decade. I have to be honest, I have felt a bit more nostalgic than ever about turning thirty. I'm usually one who is SO focused on the future and looks ahead with anticipation for every new stage of life! But, right now? I just want to freeze time.

I LOVED my 20s. I married my dream guy, graduated from college (twice!), went on my first overseas mission trip, bought our first and second homes, made lifelong friends, recorded albums and started a family. How could it get any better than that?!?

I am praying for vision for my 30s. That God would guide me in how to live intentionally with the time he has so graciously given me on this earth. I definitely believe that begins by praying for faithfulness in the every day mundane. While my 20s were filled to the brim - and I was able to experience and accomplish many life goals and dreams - I want my 30s to be even more productive for the things that will matter long after I'm gone. 

I nixed the bucket list, "30 things to do before I turn 30" idea, because my twenties truly were an adventure of their own. But I had to do something to honor this last decade of my life. So I put together a momento of photos from every birthday in my twenties and under each photo you will read a short description of that day. I'll let you be the judge if I've aged any (the answer is absolutely NOT, right?!) 

Tonight, Josh has planned to invite a few friends over to our new home to celebrate! I was challenged recently to have a new outlook on aging - instead of looking at how old I'm getting, I'm choosing to look at how long God has allowed me to continue living on Earth with people I love. If there's anything I've learned from looking back on my twenties it's that, God is my constant.  While people and places have come and gone over the years, He has remained. And when I am restless, I find my rest in Him.

Twenties, you were good.
But it's time to move on. 
Let's do this, thirty