I bring to you... a new parent's dream social app:




Basically, it's Instagram with videos.

And it's my favorite thing to use lately with Micah! Because a picture  can only capture so much. But videos  are like rewinding moments in life.

Of course, people will think it's stupid for awhile. Why do I want to take videos? I never use videos. A lot of people said the same thing about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest... And look where we are today. So, go ahead and jump on the bandwagon now.


Follow me on Telly.


Here are a few videos I've taken the past couple weeks. You can add filters too! Whaaaaa?? So cool.

 Micah's tired of laying around, he's ready to play sports.

A little snippet from practice for this weekend's Christmas services

Pacifier training... Micah wants no part.