Just call me Mrs. Robinson... or a Chameleon.

I am a horrible blogger. I blame it on the fact that I talk way too much in real life and cannot sit down long enough to gather a coherent thought. But anyway, I thought it would be good to update those of you who do happen to read this and wonder how and where I've been. I started a new job! It's the story of my life, but I think I may actually keep this one awhile. Haha. I am now the music and art teacher at a private school. Just call me, Mrs. Robinson. ;) It's been so great. I loved my old job at Eagle Eye and wouldn't have left it for any other job except this one. Teaching music and art doesn't even feel like work, but more like a passion. I teach a 7th grade music class every day. And 3 year olds - 6th grade classes once a week for music and art. :)

I am also finishing up my last semester of college. I take two afternoon theology classes on Tuesday and Thursdays - Problems in Philosophy and the Life of Paul. I found out today that I won't have a paper due in either of those classes... so I am praising the Lord for this! I can't wait to learn more. This is one of the great things about attending bible college - learning is fun, because it's more than just growing mentally, but spiritually as well.

Let's see... what else is new with me? Oh yes, my little sister is getting married this year! So I plan on spending lots of time helping her prepare for the big day on June 18th. Via the el Skyp-o. She lives four hours away. Boo to that.

That's pretty much it. I have enjoyed these past couple years living in Alabama. The culture is a little bit different, but a good change. I think I am like that reptile (wait, let me google it)... a chameleon, yes... that changes colors to adapt to its environment. I find I adapt, and even enjoy, change. And like someone pointed out to me the other day, teaching will be a good job for me... because I'll get a new group of students every year!