American Idol - Milwaukee auditions

I'm excited about the 10th season of American Idol! So far, this season is shaping up to be a good one! I was hesitant about watching it without Simon, but I feel like it'll be a good change to have some actual artists in the judging panel... instead of everyone hanging onto Simon's every word. If he didn't like someone, chances were that most people at home wouldn't either. I also kinda like the fact that the show's been changed to Wednesday and Thursday nights. Every Wed. we have a little AI party at our place after church, and it's always a lot more fun watching it with other people. We don't get to watch it live, since we get out so late - but DVR is great and no commercials are even better! This also means the results shows will be aired on Thursday nights. And who goes anywhere on a Thursday night? Now I'll be home to watch the results shows live... instead of having someone text me who got voted off before I get to watch it myself!

Thanks for working this out for me, Idol.

I thought I'd put my American Idol watching to good use here on the blog... and do a mini-recap of the shows. And by mini, I mean I'll post my favorites of the night. Just in case any one cares. :)

Thia Megia

This girl blew me away with that powerful voice of hers! She also seems like she's very mature and could handle the music business and all it brings. I hope she goes far.

Scott McCreery

WOW! Can't believe how good this kid can sing! 16?! No way. No way. No way. He looks and sounds like he could be from here in Dothan with that southern drawl. I don't just hope... I know he's going to go far.

Jerome Bell

Ok, I'm torn. I loved his voice... but I also liked Jordan Dorsey from last Thursday night and they are very similar in style. But, we'll see. He is definitely good.

Chris Medina

Well, who isn't talking about this guy today? His story brought literal tears to my eyes... and I found myself already rooting for him before he even sang. I have a feeling I'm not alone. His voice did not disappoint. He's not much of the showman, but if he plays an instrument I could see this guy winning.

What about you guys? Did you watch? If so, who were your favorites?