Music Monday // Faithful One

Ahh, it's Music Monday! :) Sharing a new song every week has been exciting and a challenge at the same time! I find myself wanting to figure out how to play every single one of my favorite songs I listen to (like... Strong God by Meredith Andrews). But this week, I felt a tug on my heart to share a new original with you.

This is not one of those songs that I felt an immediate connection with. It was a struggle to write, both lyrically and musically. I changed the melody several times before just simplifying it completely.

You see, I wanted this song to be just perfect. I kept thinking there was something missing or something that needed to be fixed, but the more and more I played it, the simple chorus just resonated with me - Our God is so faithful. He is the faithful one.

There was nothing else I could really say.

This song reflects on what God has done in my life within the past year. How after months and months of struggling to have a baby, He was faithful and blessed us with a child. There were so many times when I doubted His faithfulness. And yet He remained faithful anyway. How undeserving I am.

I thought it only appropriate that my sweet boy make a little cameo in the background. Hope you don't mind the cute distraction. :)

(p.s. please forgive me for bumming it, I like being home and in my comfy clothes) (p.p.s. I am also posting over at A Place to Dwell this morning on how I stay creative! Check it out!)


Faithful One

Just wait, you say You know what's coming soon But I get impatient and lose all faith in waiting on you

Just pray, you say You'll give the answer soon But I ask again and again and again when the answer is you

You are the faithful one You are the faithful one When my prayers go numb and the waiting comes You are faithful, the faithful one

It's time, I know to let go of all my fear And trust that you're good and your plan is much better than what I hold dear

It's now, I see You're working it all for good One day the pain and the tears and the worry will be understood

You are the faithful one You are the faithful one When my prayers go numb and the waiting comes You are faithful, the faithful one

Even in my waiting, you know just what I need Even in my doubt, you still have faith in me Even when the words I pray are bitter on my lips You are even faithful to forgive

Download my acoustic version of "Faithful One."

Love Everlasting - original song

Sat down and wrote my first song since the move. You know, I have a hard time writing peppy songs. Even though, I'm a pretty peppy person most of the time! It's just that I'm inspired to write when I need to cry out to God. So that explains why most of my songs are about finding joy in pain and trials. I need Him everyday of my life. I need reminders that He is there, even when everything seems hopeless. You may find this hard to believe about me... but I'm normal. :) I have struggles. I cry too much. Maybe I'm just more emotional because of the pregnancy, but I've definitely been feeling sensitive (to everything) lately. This song speaks about the one thing that keeps me going - Jesus, my love everlasting.

Love Everlasting

It's not easy being broken It's not easy feeling pain Time won't mend the words unspoken Time will let them slip away

chorus: You are hope when the world is dimming around me You are peace when the storms come crashing You are joy when my sorrow seems unending You are love everlasting everlasting

Open wounds are hard to heal Once a blister, now a scar Time won't take the pain away Time can only play a part

repeat chorus

bridge: You are my hope when all is lost You are my peace when all is chaos You are my joy, You are my love everlasting (2x)

repeat chorus

lunchables and a new song.

We didn't go to the grocery store this weekend, so I had to pick up something quick for lunch before work. I decided to stop by the store and grab a Lunchable. I don't even know what came over me... it took me back to third grade all over again. But to be honest, my mom never really let us buy Lunchables. She said they were too expensive. I think that's why I love them so much now. :)

I got in a singing mood while on the drive home. I started belting out a song that I wrote a few months ago. One of those I wasn't quite sure was finished or not. Anyway, I kept putting off on posting it. But today was the day I finally sat down and recorded it. I only had an hour before small group, so it's not perfect (not that anything ever is!) I hope this song reminds you that nothing in us can ever be good enough for God... He takes us just as we are.

You Take Me (As I Am)

Who am I, Lord that you should save? Who am I, Lord to call on Your name? What can I bring that You would require? Nothing in me is worth Your desire

Chorus: You take me as I am Don't leave me where I've been You have much bigger plans I'm nothing on my own You take me

Who am I, Lord that you should call? Who am I, Lord that you are mindful? What can I bring that you would receive? All that You are is worth all of me... All that You are is worth all of me.

I am not my own I'm not my own I'm Yours, I'm Yours