Music Monday // Strong God

I am so glad to be able to share a song this week for Music Monday!! I know, it's been too long. :)

I first heard this song earlier this year when a bloggy friend recommended it on Twitter. I listened to it at the gym, and literally raised my hands in the air while on the treadmill (and then quickly put them down, because I'm human and feared looking ridiculous). I wanted to do a cover of it then, but I put it off in hopes to become a little more familiar with it.

Then yesterday, I stumbled across it again while browsing iTunes. New Life Worship just released their own version of this wonderful song and even named their entire live worship album after it.

So after putting Micah to bed, I set aside some time and picked through this song. The words, the melody, everything just come together to make a powerful statement about who God is. He's strong and mighty. He is healer and creator.

I need this reminder every day in my life. But especially today.

252146_505104420636_9312_nToday marks 5 years since my precious Robinson family lost one of the sweetest, kindest-spirited souls I had ever met. After a year long battle with cancer, Jordan Robinson went home to be with Jesus at only 20 years old. My husband's younger brother and one of the greatest guys one could ever know. We named our son, Micah Jordan after him. I would be more than happy if he grew up to be just like his uncle.

Sometimes when God doesn't miraculously heal the ones we love, it can be easy to let that affect our view of God. It can be easy to question why and easy to let our faith slip into wondering if He really is that strong.

With us in the wilderness...

That sentence in this song gets me every time.

God is strong not because every circumstance in life turns out exactly like we hope... His strength is shown in being able to come down from heaven and pour out His spirit of comfort, love and peace in our lives amidst tragedy.

I mean it when I say that there is no way we could get through this life without God.

I pray that today, you will hear and believe these words. That God is strong. No matter what you are facing, He is there.    

Strong God

Father to the fatherless Defender of the weak Freedom for the prisoner We sing

This is God, in His holy place This is God, clothed in love and strength

Sing out, lift your voice and cry out Awesome is our strong God Mighty is our God

With us in the wilderness Faithful to provide Every breath and every step We see

This is God, in His holy place This is God, clothed in love and strength

Sing out, lift your voice and cry out Awesome is our strong God Mighty is our God Sing out, lift your hands and shout out Awesome is our strong God Mighty is our God

There is none higher, no There is none greater, no There is none stronger than our God

Be sure to also check out Meredith Andrews, Desperation Band and New Life Worship's versions.

Music Monday // You Set Me Free

angiemiller It's no secret that I am a huge American Idol fan. People still watch that?  Yes, I'm one of the few million left that is keeping it on air. Forgive me.

Despite getting my heart broken every season when my favorite contestant doesn't win, I still tune in to check out the talent. And this year my favorite hands down was Angie Miller.

I actually first heard about her from a friend of mine who is from her hometown. Angie was a student at the school my friend teaches at and Angie's dad was a pastor at her church. So my eyes were on the lookout for Angie from the start. The moment I heard her sing, "You Set Me Free," I wanted her to win. It was an original song she wrote from one of the Psalms. She continued to be a light on the show by singing Colton Dixon's song, "Never Gone" and Kari Jobe's "Love Came Down." I just LOVE seeing the Lord shine through someone on national television. And Angie did that.

I know it's been awhile since I've covered a song for Music Monday, but when a sweet girl requested on Twitter that I sing "You Set Me Free" I was up for the challenge! And a challenge it definitely was. I had to lower the key a half step (GIRLFRIEND CAN SING HIGH!) and play guitar instead of piano... but I hope you enjoy it. And most of all, I hope if you haven't heard of this talented girl before - that you will check out her single on iTunes! She deserves all the support.

Of course, she should have won AI this year... but third place isn't too shabby. ;)

Click here to download my acoustic cover of "You Set Me Free." 


Music Monday // O the Blood

Today's song choice was an easy one. A couple years ago, I met one of the sweetest and most encouraging girls I have ever had the privilege of meeting online. She sent me this message via Facebook and the relationship has continued ever since.


This message touched my heart.

Because God knows there are days when I wonder why I bother putting up videos on Youtube (especially when I am desperately in need of good lighting and a good video camera).

But whenever I doubt, I think back to Miranda and Maddie and how they were encouraged in their time of need through my poor-quality, home videos. They were led to worship.

And thanks to prayer and our great God, little Maddie is in remission now from her cancer!!!

So when a couple weeks ago Miranda texted me a list of songs she wanted me to cover, I jumped at the chance! Her list was more like "Best of Kari Jobe" requests, but that's perfectly fine with me! She's one of my favorites as well. :)

When I saw this song listed, I knew it would be perfect for this week.

The week before we celebrate the most pivotal and life-changing event in the lives of believers everywhere... Easter.

What a sacrifice that saved my life, yes the blood it is my victory. 

O the Blood

O the blood Crimson love Price of life's demand Shameful sin Placed on Him The hope of every man

O the blood of Jesus washes me O the blood of Jesus shed for me What a sacrifice that saved my life Yes, the blood, it is my victory

Savior Son Holy One Slain so I can live See the Lamb The great I Am Who takes away my sin

O the blood of the Lamb O the blood of the Lamb O the blood of the Lamb The precious blood of the Lamb

What a sacrifice That saved my life Yes, the blood, it is my victory

O what love No greater love Grace, how can it be That in my sin Yes, even then He shed His blood for me

Download my acoustic cover of "O the Blood" here.