May, Oh May.

I love the month of May. I always have. A lot of it has to do with this being my birthday month, but really... May brings exciting things for many other reasons as well. Especially this year. :) I'll share more details when time permits, but for now here is a list of some exciting things that will happen (or have already happened) in the month of May.

  • My sister's first bridal shower (May 1)
  • X Factor audition (May 7)
  • My birthday (May 8)
  • Mother's Day (May 8)
  • Family in town (May 12-14)
  • Graduation (May 13)
  • Nashville trip (May 20-21)
  • Last day of school/work (May 27)

Such a fun month. The weather is beautiful, the end of school approaches and I get a nice, long break for the summer! I'm also getting so excited for June... sister's wedding, mission trip and singing events... but I'll save my excitement for June for another post. :)