Tyner Family | Maternity

I jump at any and every chance I have to capture the special times in the lives of those close to me. Right now, this season of life is all about... having babies. So naturally, I get to do a lot of maternity sessions. And I really, really love it. Last week, I hung out with my friends, The Tyner family, and took a few family portraits before the three become four. You may look at these photos and (understandably) think they are a beautiful family now, but just wait until that gorgeous baby girl shows up! :)

Cayce + Michael | Maternity

One of my absolute favorite things about doing photography is the people I get to meet. I'm an extroverted stay-at-home mom, so when I get the chance to get out of the house and converse with adults, you know it's a good day! ;) Michael and I went to high school together, but just recently connected again when he asked me to take his wife, Cayce's, maternity photos. It was so great to meet her and photograph this adorable little (baby boy) bump! They were a fantastic and easy-going couple to work with, the type that are "hard to take a bad photo" of. You'd never know that this shoot was almost rained out! I am so glad it didn't and we were able to capture this beautiful moment in their lives. They are going to be fantastic parents! DSC_0033 _Snapseed DSC_0044 _Snapseed _Snapseed DSC_0052 _Snapseed DSC_0080 _Snapseed DSC_0099 _Snapseed DSC_0120 _Snapseed DSC_0157 _Snapseed DSC_0165 _Snapseed DSC_0174 _Snapseed DSC_0189 _Snapseed DSC_0213 _Snapseed DSC_0234 _Snapseed DSC_0317 _Snapseed DSC_0376 _Snapseed DSC_0401 _Snapseed _Snapseed DSC_0434 _Snapseed DSC_0453 _Snapseed DSC_0478 _Snapseed DSC_0546 _Snapseed DSC_0567 _SnapseedIf you live in the Central Florida area and would like to have me as your photographer, please visit my photography page for more details and pricing!