Miranda McEachern | Portraits

DSC_0036It's a special thing when God brings people into your life. If you've followed my blog for a little while, you may have read the story of how I met my friend, Miranda. If you haven't, basically we met online. But the story is a good one and an amazing testament of how God can use us in the most surprising ways. I am so thankful that Miranda reached out to me over three years ago and we've been able to keep in touch through texts and more recently, visits in the flesh! She is a special girl, with an amazing calling on her life. God is already using her in great ways and I can't wait to see where He takes her! A couple weekends ago, she came to visit us. If there's one thing about Miranda that I know for certain, it's that she LOVES children! So we had this weekend planned as soon as possible after Hannah was born. And she was such a help with Micah and Hannah over the weekend that I really could've gotten used to having her around every day! ;)

One crazy connection we have, is that her family owned a lake house 10 miles down the road from me! She grew up in Georgia, but remembers coming down to visit the lake house in the summer when she was young. The house has been vacant for years now, but we thought it would be fun to take a trip over there and shoot some portraits. I needed the practice, and it was literally right down the road, so on a whim we decided to go. Let me tell you, I am SO glad we did! Not only was it beautiful to see the lake house where she spent sweet days of her childhood... but it is now going down as one of my favorite locations for future shoots!


We had the babies with us in a stroller, and there was a pretty steep drop off to get to the water... so we didn't take too many shots down by the lake (at least not without a couple babies in our arms, ha!) But the water was gorgeous!! I can't wait to get back there to take more soon.

DSC_0197Only walking distance away, was a beautiful dirt road covered with trees. So of course, we took advantage of that.

DSC_0403DSC_0483DSC_0596DSC_0614Then we made our way back to the lake house and decided to take a quick peek inside. Surprisingly, these turned out to be some of my favorite shots! Although the house is empty now, it carries so many beautiful historic qualities about it that can't be replicated. I am so thankful Miranda allowed me the chance to capture her here. It was spontaneous, but sometimes those are the best times. After all, that's kinda how we met. :)


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