My Journey in Photography

CRPhotog-01You may have noticed that I started a photography business a few months ago. Actually my very first paid session was in May, and I have had a steady flux of clients since then. Clients. Sounds so official.

I have to admit, I feel so overwhelmingly thankful and so overwhelmingly unqualified at the same time in this business.

It's not necessarily that I feel unqualified in my talent or skill to take photos. I don't. I truly believe I have an eye for it. I've always been able to see things in my head, before actually snapping the photo. If I didn't feel confident that I could take at least one good shot for every dozen bad ones, I wouldn't have started a business. Period.

But, I feel unqualified when I compare my early work with the work of those who have been doing it for years. It's not just a shot in the park (literally), it takes major attention to detail, not to mention fast execution to be able to capture those beautiful moments. I am learning as I go, and I praise God for all of the people so far that have been willing to trust me on the beginning of my journey with photography!

Although, this isn't actually the very beginning. And I feel compelled to tell you all a little bit of the story of how this all began.

I started dabbling in photography as soon as I got my Nikon D60 for Christmas in 2008. Josh and I had been married earlier that year and as a gift to document all the moments in our family, my dad bought me my first SLR camera. I was giddy and took that thing everywhere for the first few months. I even took it to my friends weddings, documenting right along with their actual wedding photographer (and occasionally over-stepping my bounds, I admit). But I would always smile when a friend would choose the photo I took for their profile on Facebook. It was like affirmation that hey, I actually took a good shot. 

Then slowly I started getting requests to take photos for people on different occasions. Portraits, Birthdays, Christmas cards, Engagements, even a small church (no guests) wedding. And I loved every minute of it. Even though at this point, it was still just a hobby.

And for awhile, I thought that's all it would ever be. A hobby that I did for people on rare occasions. Sure it took some time and late nights editing. But it was all for friends and I didn't think it was anything substantial enough to charge for. But eventually I learned I wasn't just robbing myself, I was robbing other, professional, photographers by offering free services.

Every time someone asked me to take their photos for free, I was taking business away from another potential photographer.

I struggled with this for months, but I still felt like I didn't have the investment and proper tools required to begin charging for my work. That is, until recently. Last year I was blessed with a new portrait lens for my Nikon and Adobe Photoshop on my computer. After a few months of practice, developing my editing style and creating a signature "look." I finally felt like I had the confidence and tools I needed to start a business.

My friend, Jared Sylvia, created my awesome logo. The "cr" is actually designed from my handwriting. The colors and font are taken from the look and feel of my blog. And I wanted all of it to have a "Central Florida" vibe to it. Hence, why my signature looks a lot like waves. :)

I am so very thankful and proud to have started this journey. It really has been obvious that the Lord has had his hand on every aspect, providing me with the tools and opportunities I have needed. And while my number one priority is to be a supportive wife and mom to my little ones, this is truly something flexible enough for me to be able to do that. It also gives me an outlet to fulfill that creative itch that lives inside me. The one that I can never shut off no matter how hard I try.

Thank you all for following along with me on this journey. I pray I have many more projects to share with you soon!