Be Glorified (feat. my husband!)

I know, I know... two songs in one week?! Well, yes! Something came over me and yesterday after work all I could do was sit down and write. I think it was the Lord. :) A song has never come this easily before. I still need to tweak some things. And usually I wouldn't post it until I knew it had been through the grinder a few times (grinder: sharing it with other songwriters and musicians, asking for their input). My husband is always the first one I play songs for. And last night while we were hanging out, I played it for him and he started SINGING! And not just singing along with the melody or whatever, he was singing harmony! Haha! I was so proud of him. I told him we needed to record it together. And he assumed I meant last night... so off I went to get everything set up!

So this is raw. But, I hope that you hear our hearts as we sing - God, be glorified in us. Let our hearts display Your wondrous love.

 ***You can now purchase the studio recording of this song on iTunes! Go here

Be Glorified

Bring your mercy like the sun Rising in the morning Let it shine upon our lives Every sin, exposing

Burn away the dust Make more out of us

God, of all hope Rescue our souls Fill us 'til we overflow Let it be known That You're on the throne Be glorified in us

Bring your glory like a crown Shining in its splendor Let it fall upon the ground Make this world your treasure

Burn away the dust Make more out of us

Be glorified in us, let our hearts display Your wondrous love