48 hours

photo-17 Monday morning, I got up with Micah and Josh and I played in bed with him for a little bit before he went off to work. Once he left, I changed Micah and brought him back to our bed to play some more while I read a little on my phone. That's usually my morning routine.

I caught a glimpse of my cute boy staring at me from the corner of my eye while I was reading, so I put my iPhone down and picked him up again to play. He was smiling and giggling from ear to ear. We were having a good 'ole time.

Then he spit up all over our sheets. Too much excitement, I guess.

I made sure he was alright, then thanked Micah for reminding me that I needed to wash our sheets anyway. I put him in the pack n play (which we keep in our room, very convenient for times like this) and grabbed the sheets off the bed and threw them in the washer.

We went on with our day and I thought nothing else about it. In fact, I even felt a little accomplished that I had put a load in the washer before 9am. That never happens. Go me.

Then around 10 or so, I needed to make a phone call. I went back to my room, stared at the sheet-less bed and panicked.

I mentioned my morning routine. Well, I usually leave my phone on my bed after reading in the mornings. Sometimes it gets lost in the sheets. The sheets that are no longer on my bed because they are in the... WASHER!

I ran to the washing machine, opened it and started digging for my phone. It took me two attempts before I found it. The first time I was in denial (I couldn't have washed my iPhone. Who would do such a stupid thing? It had to have fallen on the floor when I took the sheets off) But... I found it. By that time the laundry was already on the spin cycle, so my phone was completely dry. Ha. I tried turning it on. And nothing. Of course.

I was kind of panicky at first, I admit it.  I woke up that morning feeling accomplished and only a couple hours later felt like I was close to the dumbest person in the world. Funny how that works. But then I calmed down after rushing to my computer and laughing at my self via Twitter. And having friends who can laugh with me, always helps.

My husband also made me feel better about the situation adding, "At least it will make a good blog post." Very funny hubby.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 1.42.24 AM

Facebook messaging my husband, right after the "incident."

It was an expensive mistake, but a great lesson for me to learn. I relied on my phone too much for everything. I needed the break away. Even though I had access to social media via my home computer, when I was out with people I was completely present. And I wasn't thinking of the next great photo I could take to put on instagram. Or tweeting about my good workout at the gym (which I'm still pretty sore from, actually). I was spending time and giving attention to those who had given up their time to be with me. Amazing concept.

That said, I missed the convenience of having everything at my fingertips. And I missed my She Reads Truth bible study plan. And I missed texting with emojis.

I'm glad to have my iPhone back (thanks to insurance!), but I know I can survive at least 48 hours without it. :)



For the past few months, I have been told by several people everywhere I go that I look like Heather Morris (Brittany) from Glee. I knew it was getting serious when I traveled to Costa Rica this past summer and someone THERE said it! I only watched Glee for the first season and she wasn't much of a standout then. So I had to go look her up to refresh my memory. Turns out we're exactly the same age. She's actually three months older than me.

My sister said this wasn't a compliment. Whatever, I think she's pretty. But it's time to put this thing to rest.

What do you think... could this be my doppleganger?

Judging Fundamentalists for Being Judgmental

I read an article by the writers from Stuff Christians Like in the newest edition of Relevant Magazine and saw this little excerpt... I thought it was great. It's a satire, just in case anyone gets confused.

You know what I don't like about fundamentalist Christians? They're so judgmental. I really don't like when people do that. Don't they know we're supposed to be about love and not judgment? Jesus called us to love Him with all our heart and all our mind and all our soul. And to love others! Don't they get that? It's about love! I'm just so sick of their negative attitudes. They hate dancing, too. Did you know that? I'm not making that up or perpetuating a stereotype. They all hate dancing. They even made a documentary about it one time starring John Lithgow and Hollywood's Kevin Bacon. Gripping stuff really, but I doubt any fundamentalists saw it because they hate popular culture. Ugh, I can barely stand how judgmental they are. You know they don't drink alcohol, right? Oh no, don't ever offer them a glass of wine or a pint of beer. They'll throw that right back in your face. That's kind of a litmus test I use to determine whether you're a fundamentalist or not. If I suggest we have a glass of red wine and you refuse, then I know. I know exactly what you're all about and I can read the depths of your spiritual walk by that simple refusal. You're a fundamentalist and you're judgmental. Sure, I don't know many fundamentalists personally, because I can't stand being around people who are judgmental, but I caught a few seconds of a church service on television once. I think it was a church in Texas. Most fundamentalists either live in Texas or are planning to move to Texas at some point in their lives. But even though I haven't been to a fundamentalist church in, I don't know, ever, you don't need to go to one to know what they're all about. Fire, brimstone and, above all, being judgmental. Don't you just hate how judgmental fundamentalists are? I wish they were more open-minded.