Oh caffeine, how I love thee.

I love drinking soda. I just can't shake it. I've tried to drink only water in the mornings... but usually by noon, I feel like my eyelids weigh 100 lbs. So then, of course, I grab a coke. Usually cherry coke, to be exact. It tastes so good and seems to make everything else taste better. But, I know that caffeine isn't the healthiest drink for me. And it can become easy to indulge in (free refills, anyone?!) So in order to maintain control over my body, I must make a valid effort to give it up. I've decided that I'm going to start small. No caffeine during the weekdays.

I'm going to try for the weekends too... eventually. But for now, this is where I'll start. I'll keep you updated as to how it goes (and how I'm feeling in the process). Josh (my love) is doing this too. He's had a few stomach issues, so this is going to be better for him. We're keeping each other accountable. It'll be good. (I keep telling myself that, anyway)

While Josh and I were talking about soda and the effects of caffeine today, it got me thinking. Our sinful nature is kinda like caffeine. The more we live by it, the harder it is to quit.

But the word of God is living water to our soul. It revives us, it heals us, it purifies us.

You see, the trick of caffeine is sort of like the trick of our flesh. The satisfaction is temporary. As soon as the thrill is over, the fun ends. But the effects of water are eternal. Without enough of it, we can become dehydrated... and die.

So, here's to health. Both physically and spiritually. I'll drink to that.