month: five

micah5months Five months ago, we met Micah Jordan and found out he was born with a large VSD hole in his heart. Four months ago, we thought he would be needing surgery soon to fix that hole. Three months ago, we were impressed with how well Micah was growing and not showing symptoms of heart failure. Two months ago, we were told that Micah's hole looked a little bit smaller. One month ago, we just knew in our hearts that Micah was going to be okay.

TODAY the doctors confirmed that Micah's hole was almost completely CLOSED and would not need surgery!

This is all just a huge answer to prayer!

I know many of you probably have no idea about heart defects (I know I didn't) but Micah has one of the most common types of "holes in the heart" called a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD). He was diagnosed right after birth. And we were told that because of it's size, he would be needing surgery by 8 weeks to close it.

Our main doctor (the heart specialist) told us that he had never seen a hole this size close on it's own before. And the national research stated that medium-large VSD's had a significantly low chance of closing without surgery. But my prayer was for God to show them a miracle...

And what do you know?!? HE DID!!!!

I am so overjoyed that the Lord would allow us to experience this miracle healing. It has grown my faith in words I cannot describe. I am trying so hard to find the right words to say to let you all know how I feel in this moment. But nothing is coming to me. I just keep singing the words to the song I shared with you last Monday... You are faithful, the faithful one.


Posing like such a little model.


"Feet are my new favorite toys!" :)


"Oh hey mom, you sure do like to take a lot of pictures." ;)



It's been drool-city around here!


Learning to sit on his own!



His sweet hazel eyes have changed so many times since birth, but they are settling in on a dark shade of green (like his daddy!) LOVE THEM!


Happy 5 months Micah Jordan!