Bevin + David | Engagement

This is, hands down, one of my favorite sessions to date. Not only because I absolutely love Bevin and David, individually and as a couple, but because they were some of the most natural subjects that I have worked with so far in front of the camera. We went for a woodsy theme, since they are getting married outdoors - and besides forgetting bug spray and ending up with a million little bug bites - it was an absolute blast! I am excited for these two and the future they have together as husband and wife. God is going to do great things through them! 

Brooke + Jacob | Engagement

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to do an engagement session with the lovely soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Kimmig! I was ecstatic about skipping through the woods with them (and we literally did skip through the woods) because recently, I have been doing a lot of maternity/newborn family sessions. Which I love. But there is no skipping involved there.  

Can you tell I am excited about the skipping? ;)

Anyway, this session was one of my favorites because these two are just so much fun and have that school boy/school girl crush feel when around each other. I was a mixture of shocked/beyond thrilled when they asked me (during the shoot) if I would consider photographing their wedding. I was nervous to say yes, because weddings are definitely a whole different story as far as photography goes, but I eventually did ACCEPT and booked my first official wedding with these two in July! 

I hope there is skipping involved. ;)