habit vs. creativity

I have a bad habit of "getting out of the habit."I also have an addiction to becoming addicted to things.

The first explains why I haven't been posting lately. The latter explains why I feel the need to explain this.

You see, it's a horrible cycle with me - I become addicted to something, eat/breathe/live it every day or as often as I can and then burn out/quit it for a period of time and ultimately... lose interest altogether. I know, it's ridiculous. But I refuse to let this blog sink into forgotten territory (although, it has been tempting the past few days!) so here I am confessing my problem to all of you.

That said, taking a step back from blogging was actually a great thing for me. I love reality so much more! :)

Hugs, laughter, eye contact... none of it can be replicated online. And the more time I spend indoors on my computer, the more I miss out on these fleeting moments...

and laughter with friends.

and time with my Savior.

My habit of "falling out of the habit" of things, could be due to my love for spontaneity, creativity and freedom. I work best under pressure, on the fly, last minute. And blogging is no different.  I don't want to write every day out of habit. I would rather write once a month, from my heart, out of creativity.