merry + bright

Each year, I find myself getting more and more excited about celebrating the holidays with my children! This will be our sixth Christmas with Micah, our fourth with Hannah and, hoping she comes on time, our very first with Chloe! It almost doesn't seem real that I'll be a mom of three soon. Life seems to speed by as soon as children come into the picture, and I find myself reminding single friends and couples of that all the time (I'm definitely going to be that grandma!)

But I also believe the sentiment, "time flies when you're having fun!" And if there's one thing we try and do everyday - it's have a little bit of FUN! (in-between the meltdowns and chaos, of course)

This year, Micah and Hannah have been more eager than ever to help "decorate." And since I'm at that point in pregnancy when bending over and lifting is getting harder and harder, I've been more than happy to hand over the reigns! We added a little "blue" to our tree this year to help tie it in with the rest of our home, and today we finished putting the last touches around the house.

Pictured: Hannah giving out directions on who was going to do "what," Micah building a train track around the tree and both of them hug-attacking Heidi (our dog) when it was all said and done.

Not Pictured: a bruised chin while pretending to "sled" down the hallway, stepping in dog poo while barefoot in the backyard, and a 37-week-pregnant mama cleaning up after all of it. You're welcome.

Yarborough Family | Nocatee Community Park

Well, my first holiday season as a photographer in Jacksonville is officially complete! I have been so grateful to the Lord for how smoothly the transition to a new town has been, both personally and for my photography business. I've had a steady flow of clients (that I love!) and it has been wonderful exploring a new city! This past weekend I finished my final family session before Christmas. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites here with you. This was my first time at Nocatee's community park and I will definitely be going back! So much natural light and color... ahh! I still have a couple more sessions before the New Year that I'm really excited to capture. And maybe, I'll even get a chance to share them here on the blog!

But for now, enjoy these of The Yarborough family. Nick is the worship pastor at one of our church campuses here in Jacksonville and his wife, Pam, is a great friend (and amazing hairstylist - check her out!) they have an adorable little boy, Anthony (who my little boy thinks is just the coolest!) and told me that it's been years since they've taken family photos together. I think that needs to change, they are naturals in front of the camera!