Artful Advent

I love Christmastime. The trees, the lights, the cookies, the time with family. But at the heart of all of the decorations, there is something so special to me about openly celebrating my Savior Jesus. Because no matter how our society has tried to disguise it or hide it, the meaning of Christmas is still the same.

Jesus came.


This month I have decided to join 3 of my creative blog friends (Nathalie, Carrie & Bri) in hosting an Artful Advent celebration.

Artful-Advent-HostsI have to be honest, I have never taken part in a literal celebration of advent (I can probably attribute that to my Southern Baptist background). I actually didn't even know what the word meant until probably a month ago (thanks, Google). But once I discovered what advent season was all about, I realized that I have been celebrating it all along.

Advent is a season observed in many Western Christian churches as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. The term is an anglicized version of the Latin word adventus, meaning "coming".

Every year I put up my Christmas tree and wait for the presents to arrive under it. To me, putting up my Christmas tree is an artful advent. It is a creative way of decorating my home.

In the same way we decorate our homes to prepare for Christmas. I believe we can also find creative ways to prepare our hearts.

artful-advent2-copyBeginning tomorrow (Monday, December 2nd) and continuing every Monday for the next three weeks leading up to Christmas Day, we’re inviting you to link-up with us and share your art inspired by each week’s theme. Creative writing, music, painting, crafting, photography, typography, drawing... the possibilities are endless. And there are several ways you can join us!

–>You can link your blog post here or on any of the host’s blogs.

–>You can post a picture or video on twitter, facebook, or instagram and tag it #artfuladvent

–>You can find and follow the Artful Advent collection on The Art of Worship Pinterest page, where we’ll be pinning our art and YOURS.

This is a busy season for all of us, so feel free to share past writings, art pieces, photos, music, etc. as long as it speaks to the theme. :)

We kick off tomorrow with the theme, "Hope." There is so much to be said about the hope we have in Christ because of His arrival! I hope you will join us as we find creative ways to celebrate this truth. Paint a canvas, sing a song, take a picture... whatever it is, we are most like our Creator when we are creating something! I have a little something prepared that I am excited to share with you all, so check back here tomorrow! :)

And if you'd like to go ahead and start preparing for the following week's themes, here they are!

Artful Advent Themes:

Week 1, December 2nd: Hope  Week 2, December 9th: Love Week 3, December 16th: Joy Week 4, December 23rd: Peace

Can't wait to see what you create, friends!