August is a sneaky, little month.

I am officially back to work. I cannot believe how fast this summer flew by! It was filled with so many wonderful trips and opportunities... I wish I could do it all over again. Instead, I am left to revisit all my blog posts of the past couple months and embrace nostalgia. But you know, I probably didn't blog enough of the great memories of this summer and for that I am very disappointed. But I am trying to change that and keep this blog updated a bit more. :) On that note... August is a sneaky, little month. 

I always forget that it's coming so soon (more like, dreading it). And this year we started back sooo early... on my mom's birthday, as a matter of fact - August 5th (public schools don't start back until the 15th). But don't feel too sorry for me, there are definitely some benefits of starting back early. We get a fall break AND a thanksgiving break, plus a pretty long Christmas break (a month long!) so I am more than content. I am loving my schedule so far too - I have four classes a day, including a high school chorus that I'm really excited about teaching (looking for great Christmas music/musicals right now, by the way, so feel free to leave me any suggestions!) I love being with kids all day, it makes me even more excited about having my own one day! Although, I've learned that my stern face comes a lot easier than I would have thought. Teaching has become a passion for me. Surprisingly so. Probably because I get to teach one of my greatest passions since I was a young girl... music. :)