October, we love you.

October has long been one of my favorite months. It feels like the month that kicks-off ONE BIG PARTY that everyone celebrates until the end of the year! It’s also the month I went on my first date with my husband 13 years ago (getting old!) so there’s something nostalgic and romantic about it. And like a typical Florida girl, I get warm fuzzies as soon as the temperature starts dropping below 80 degrees.

This year it took a lot longer for the weather to cool down, so we kept postponing our annual pumpkin patch trip until last week. Micah, Hannah and Chloe FINALLY got to pick out their pumpkins to perch proudly on our doorstep! I’m thankful for traditions and the memories that go along with them. I can remember going to the pumpkin patch with Micah for the first time - and now here we are with three children and I couldn’t imagine life without any of them (although, I do sweat a little more than I did with one!)

Chloe’s first pumpkin patch experience was so fun! She was super laid-back and chill the whole time. I just love my easygoing, third baby. Can’t believe we are coming up on the big ONE soon!