My heart, my home.

I am not the most organized, neat and tidy person you will ever meet. In fact, it takes me nearly an entire day to clean my house because I am so bad at the upkeep. But if I know we are having company, I am quick to jump on it! It is important to me that our guests do not see our home when it is dirty. In a way, it represents us. If our home is dirty, I feel like a dirty person and friend.

But I was humbled recently when my husband made a statement about our bedroom. He said he wished I cared about how our bedroom looked as much as I did the rest of our home. He didn't mean it to upset me. He actually said it almost as a joke - because I was scrambling around the rest of the house cleaning it, while our bedroom was the "stuff it away and hide it" sort of place. Kinda like when we were asked to clean our room as kids, and we'd shove everything under the bed - yeah, that's how our bedroom was becoming.

It had me thinking... you know, I can be exactly like that sometimes. How often do I try and make myself "look good" on the outside, the part of me that everyone can see, and store away junk in my thoughts and heart? I was convicted.

I wish I could say things changed right then and there. But, the mess had accumulated so much that it took a little help from my sweet sister to clean things up! The same is with our lives, spiritually. Sometimes we need to call on the help of a dear friend to pull us out of the dirt we are piled up in.

I learned that my husband cared more about the cleanliness and comfort of our bedroom than he did about the rest of our home. In the same way, God cares more about the cleanliness and condition of my heart than He does about my outward appearance. So perhaps the next time someone is coming over, I will start with the bedroom and work my way out.

If my kitchen is dirty, you know things must be going well in my heart. :)


Beauty is vain.

Ladies, you are beautiful. No, I don't mean once you get dressed up and put on your makeup and do your hair, I am talking about straight out of the bed. You are beautiful. Do you believe that? I know, I don't either. 

I want to believe that I am beautiful without all that. But if I were being honest, the effort I spend in the mornings to make myself look acceptable once I leave the house, proves otherwise. If we believed that we were beautiful without all the additional product, how different would our lives be? How different would we appear - not just physically, but spiritually?

Here I am, in all my morning glory. No make up, bed hair, baggy eyes and all.

Everywhere I look there are women taking pictures of themselves. Beautiful hair, makeup, clothes. They model for us and then post pictures on their facebook, twitter and blog for us to admire (I know I am guilty myself!) Oh, and admire I do... and covet. I wish I had her hair. I wish I could afford that outfit. I wish... I wish...

This does nothing for my heart, but cause discontent. Comparing myself with others, causes me to not be happy with who God has created me to be. It causes me to lose sight of the beautiful way He has knit me together. When I do this, I become dissatisfied with not only myself, but with my Creator.

There is nothing wrong with looking nice. We are, after all, a temple of the Lord and should take care of our bodies. I highly encourage working out and eating healthy. But this culture attacks us in every direction with models, billboards and now... blogs... that are showing us what their perception of beauty is. Hair, fashion and clothing... really?

Let's be real, take off the masks and look ourselves in the mirror. If you can still see yourself as beautiful, then you have overcome the world's lies. If the first thing you think about is how you can style your hair like the girl in the magazine, or blog or pinterest did, then it is my sad belief that you are slowly losing your worth to a false sense of beauty.

I say this in pure love. Ladies, wrap yourselves in the truth of this verse:

Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised. Proverbs 31:30