Hannah's 4th Birthday | Picnic Party

A couple weeks ago we celebrated our sweet, big girl's 4th birthday! We thought it was only fitting to invite our family and friends to join us at one of our favorite places, Hanna Park (Hannah calls it "her" park for obvious reasons, ha!) Instead of going to our normal spot on the beach, we set up a picnic party near the playground. As the kids get older (and we continue having more), I am finding it takes more intentionality to continue making each year special. Those first couple birthdays are always a HUGE deal. Then, they get older and start giving input about how they want to celebrate! Hannah loves parks and picnics, and thanks to Pinterest this all came together to really sum up her personality! 

We left smelling like fire and covered in dirt, so I'd say it was a huge success!

Hannah Leigh, we are so grateful to have you in our lives. Your spunky personality and bright light shine for all who know you. I pray that you continue to grow each day into the woman God has created you to be. I am grateful to get a front row seat in watching the story of your life unfold. 

Love you always.