Business update


One of the questions I have gotten a lot since we announced we were moving to Jacksonville is whether or not I will continue my photography business. And the easy answer is... YES, of course! :) 

It has been a huge blessing to our family for me to do photography part-time. I am thankful God allowed me to start my business in Ocala, a place where I already had connections, and let it just sorta grow organically over the last two years. While we were praying about moving, it was really difficult for me to think about abandoning a clientele that I had grown to know and love. But moving only two hours away allows me to continue those relationships, even if they are on a more sporadic and limited basis. 

The huge and obvious benefit though of moving to Jacksonville is... THE BEACH! 

I have always dreamed of doing beach sessions, but just never made it out that far while running my business in Ocala. It would have required me to up my prices substantially and I have always been a photographer for the young family - the ones who desire to capture those sweet and organic moments, without having to take away from their child's college fund. 

Since the beach is now conveniently only 5 miles away from us, I feel blessed that I can stay affordable and still take my photography to a whole new level.  

I also don't want to abandon the "woodsy" feel that I have grown to love. I will definitely miss having the Ocala National Forest and Florida Greenway, literally, in my backyard. But I am already scouting places around Jacksonville that can offer that same vibe. Not to mention studying the lighting and where the sun sets best in the afternoons. There will be a learning curve for sure, so I plan to do some "practice sessions" over the next couple weeks as I find my rhythm. 

In the meantime, anyone in the Jacksonville area interested in booking a session? Shoot me an email