Storms EP update

Recording another album has been on my heart for awhile now. With two young babies at home, it takes a little more planning and preparation to actually schedule time to do it. :) In January of this year I found an engineer and we were just in the beginning stages of working on the project, when my husband got the call from Chets Creek Church about the possibility of moving to help launch a new campus. I realized that I needed to either expedite the recording process and quick, without letting them know why or delay it even longer until after the move. As I was praying through it, my prayers were answered when I got a message from the engineer telling me that he was moving and wouldn't be able to finish the project. 

Bummer. But ok Lord, waiting it is.


It seems fitting that the process of recording this album has been almost like a storm in itself. Ups and downs. Setbacks. Feeling overwhelmed. Wanting to give up. 

But what keeps me hanging on is, honestly, the truth written in these songs. 

He is faithful.

When I write a song, I don't immediately jump to wanting to record it. I usually like to let it sit for awhile. Gaining perspective and overall vision for how I desire the song to be conveyed. 

During this process, sometimes a song will lose its allure for me. And that's how I usually know, that while it was still an act of worship for me to write it, it's probably not one that I should bother recording. 

But then some songs... some songs continue to speak truth and encouragement to my heart, growing more and more inspirational over time. These are the songs I become desperate to record. So desperate, that I will even begin to speak the lyrics over people who I know need to hear them (I did this the other day to a sweet, new friend and watched as tears began to fill her eyes). 

Confirmation. Ok Lord, I gotta do this. 

I've narrowed the songs down to four that I would absolutely love to record. Four songs that I wrote over 3-4 years ago. Ironically, during the transition when we moved from Dothan, Alabama to (my hometown) Ocala, Florida. And now here I am in another transition and finding these songs are still so healing to my heart. 

Faithful One
Show Me How To Love
Love Everlasting

The title track, Storms, pretty much conveys the entire message of the record in that simple word. These are songs written for the broken, the hurting, the wounded, the searching, the one who lacks understanding, the one who is longing, the one who finds themselves in the middle of a season of waiting, or a season of just plain despair. The one who is drenched in the storms of life. 

I don't know about you, but I have grown weary of just doing the motions or saying the words I know I am "supposed to say" or even praying the words I know I am "supposed to pray." And I am desperate to cry out to God with honesty, brokenness and humility. 

That is what these songs are to me. And prayerfully, what I hope they can be for you.

Right now, I have found a new engineer (yay!) and I am aiming for a summer recording date. If you feel at all led to donate to this project, you can do so by clicking on the donate button below. 

But more than anything else, we truly covet your prayers and support for us during this season. It means a lot that you would just take the time to read this post, sincerely. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. And may You find rest and shelter from the storm, in Him. Psalm 91:1.