The countdown til Christmas is officially on! Every year since becoming a parent people have told me, "Just wait until next year... it gets better!" Well, this is the 5th Christmas we've celebrated with Micah and our 3rd Christmas with Hannah, and they were right... it just keeps getting better!

I just love that they are both able to grasp the concept of what Christmas means this year. Not just when it comes to the trees, decorations and presents (although, they have loved all of that and are literally "grasping" at the gifts under the tree already!) But thanks to a cute little advent calendar I found at Home Goods (pictured above) and these adorable free-printable scripture cards that I found here, they are learning the true meaning of why we celebrate this special holiday. 

Each morning, they wake up and are excited to open the next pocket on the calendar. In each pocket, I've included two small candy canes and two Scripture cards that chronologically tell the story of Jesus' birth. At first, I thought the candy cane would be the bribery they needed to sit still and pay attention to the Scripture. And it was for the first couple days. But now, on Day 6, they have started to get excited about hearing the rest of the story! We read each previous Scripture, so the story makes sense in context. And Micah has even memorized the first couple of verses! By Christmas day, they will know the whole story of how our Savior Jesus came to earth. 

I also let them decorate their own little Christmas tree with special and homemade ornaments we've collected since they were born. These days pass so quickly, I want to make sure to document what I can to remember these first Christmases with them. Only 19 days left!

Hannah reading the "Day 3" scripture card. 

Hannah reading the "Day 3" scripture card.