Family Photos

For the very last day of 2014, we went out in the woods behind our house and took a few family photos. A huge thank you goes to my brother-in-law, Justin Robinson, for capturing these for us. It's no easy task to take pictures of a toddler and baby, but he did a great job (and it helps that they really love their uncle!) I want to remember them exactly as they are and these photos truly capture each of their sweet personalities. I will cherish them forever!

This one is priceless to me.

My little explorer. :)

This is his "dinosaur" face.

Goodness... that smile melts this mama's heart.

How DID he grow up so fast?!?

We almost forgot to get a picture of just the two of us! Thankfully, Justin snapped a couple more in our front yard. He also pointed out that we are definitely starting to "look" like parents, hahaha... sigh. I agree. ;)