Have you ever looked at someone else and thought, "Man, I just wish I could be where they are?"

In life, in career, in marriage, in family, in social status... whatever it is, many times we want what someone else has. The whole deception that we are never quite doing enough or being enough leads us to jealousy and greed.

I remember just a couple years ago, the huge desire I had to be a mom. It drove me to tears to see a pregnancy announcement because I was praying so hard for that to be me.

Fast-forward to now and I am savoring every bit of my very precious alone time while the kids are napping. Today I'm blogging. But typically it wouldn't be far-fetched to find me snuggling up on the couch trying to play catch-up with my DVR. Which some days may, in fact, be the most fun thing I do that day. Depending on if the show hasn't already been spoiled for me. That's a buzzkill.

The truth is, I got everything I coveted for (a family) and yet I still find myself wanting to resort back to the days of wasting my time watching TV. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but it's true.

Matthew 6:33 says, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."

All these things. All the things that we need in life will be provided for when we seek God first. It's not prosperity gospel - it's thegospel. Because when we seek after God, when we truly chase after building Hiskingdom... we can do without and we feel blessed with little.

The reason we become greedy is because our kingdoms look small. Our jobs don't look important enough or our homes pretty enough. We can't seem to find the right friends or right clothes to make us feel good. And we are too busy staring at people who are too busy staring at people who are too busy building their own kingdoms.

Seek first His kingdom...

God's kingdom looks a lot like giving with no strings-attached, loving with no conditions, serving with no reward. There is no status involved in God's Kingdom, no Pinterest board dedicated to it's cause. Because the things that actually give us value are not measurable here on earth.

I love being a mom. It has been the most fulfilling and God-honoring thing I could have ever asked for. But if I'm not careful, I could build my own kingdom around it. I could try and become "super-mom" with super kids who wear super-hip clothing and are the super-athlete/musician/student. Trust me, there are Pinterest boards for all that.

But more than anything, my desire is to raise children who are united in building God's kingdom instead of their own. It's going to take a lot of work and prayer - I can already see the sinful nature has been passed down from me and planted deep into my children's DNA. But if I can become good at anything, I want to become good at seeking first the kingdom of God. Not for my own boasting, but for the ones who will model their kingdoms after mine - most importantly, my children.

And so next time you are tempted, like me, to become envious of where someone else is in life - remember whose kingdom you are seeking. And that in order to build the Kingdom of God, our kingdoms must look small.

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