Hannah Leigh | 5 months

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// SERIOUSLY. FIVE MONTHS. WHAT. I'm having a hard time processing that Hannah is already 5 months old! I mean, that is almost half a YEAR. I'm almost thinking about having another one... hahaha kidding. Kinda. No, really I am kidding. Let's move on...


According to the bathroom scale she is a little over 16lbs. I wouldn't doubt it. Baby girl is definitely growing! She was almost 15lbs last month, so I guess we will see officially at her appointment next month. :)


We've experienced the infamous sleep regression this month. And I am now a coffee drinker (no joke). Earlier this month she started waking up every two hours throughout the night, until I finally gave up (around 4am) and brought her to my bed so I could catch some zzzz's. Then just the past week, she's been doing better. Only waking up 1-2 times at night. I think a lot of it has to do with a growth spurt. Micah went through this around the same age and then magically started sleeping 10-11 hours at night after, so I'm praying for the same!


She is still in size 3 diapers and wearing 6 month clothing.


Nursing is still going well! Praise the Lord. I did start her on rice cereal this month - but only giving it to her occasionally. I thought maybe the waking in the middle of the night was due to her not getting enough food. But it hasn't seemed to do much as far as her sleep goes. I did give her about a quarter of a mashed up banana for the first time a couple days ago! She absolutely LOVED it. Cried for more even. I'm excited to keep introducing more foods!


Big girl is learning to sit up all by herself! She is still a little wobbly, so I only let her sit up on the bed or with a boppy around her. But I can tell it's a whole new world for her when she's sitting up! She also technically CAN roll over from her back to tummy and tummy to back, but she doesn't choose to very often. She is grabbing and holding on to everything. She reaches for toys and opens her mouth and leans forward for food.


Pacifier, sitting in her walker, chewing on toys, sitting up and watching Mickey Mouse with her brother.


She really doesn't like to be alone. If I leave her in a room by herself, she will cry and cry until I come get her. Besides that, not a lot seems to bother her. She is even enjoying car rides a lot more these days too. :)

Things I Don’t Want to Forget

I love how sweet Micah is to her. He absolutely adores his little sister (and if you can't tell from the pictures above, she adores him too!) When she was really little, he would test his limits by slapping her. But lately, he is so gentle and loving with her. Giving her kisses and saying, "I love you, Hannah" randomly. It's soooo sweet. I also love the way she smiles when she catches my eye. Every single time. It melts my heart. I continue to feel so very blessed to be her mama and watch her grow. Thank you Jesus for these little blessings.

micahandhannah5monthsI definitely think they are starting to look more unique as the months go on. Besides their cute bald heads, they have a lot of different features. Seeing that Micah is now a clone of his daddy, maybe this means baby girl will look more like her mama! We'll see! So fun to watch them grow. ;)