Hannah Leigh | 4 months

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Past updates: 1 month | 2 months

// Sadly, I missed Hannah's 3 month update due to moving/vacation/etc. but I'm here to share what's been going on with our baby girl this month!


We went to her 4 month wellness checkup last week and she is a healthy 14lb 13oz (75%) and 25in long (90%!!) If she keeps up this rate, her and Micah are definitely going to be looking more like twins! I have a feeling she'll start to slow down the growth as she gets more and more mobile.


We finally moved her into her own room this month! I waited about a month longer than we did with Micah, but that was due to us moving into a new home. I didn't want to get her adjusted to a new room, only to move in the next couple weeks. So she's been officially sleeping in her crib for about two weeks. Her sleeping schedule has been so much better since making the transition. We put her down at night around 9pm, then she usually wakes up for a feeding around 3-4am and goes right back to sleep until her brother wakes up around 8am. She naps around 10am for about an hour. Then, she takes a good long nap (at the same time as her brother, praise the Lord!) from 1-4pm. That's when I get all my cleaning/editing/pool time in. Woohoo! (But of course there are days when everything is thrown off schedule and I rip my hair out because I'm so tired and nobody will sleep for me - but thankfully, it doesn't happen often)


She is wearing size 3 diapers (insert wide-eyed emoji)! Basically, we just skipped right over 2's. hahaha. She could technically wear 2's, and Micah could technically wear 4's… but since they BOTH can wear 3's, we'd rather just buy one size in diapers and not have to worry about it! She's also in 3-6 month clothes and some 6 month onesies.


She is eating great! Still nursing exclusively. At our last appointment, the pediatrician mentioned we could start rice cereal anytime. I may wait until she is sitting up by herself though before introducing any solids. If she starts waking up more in the middle of the night, I may start earlier - but since she doesn't seem to be starving, I'm not rushing it. :)


She is rolling over from tummy to back! And she's ALMOST rolling over from back to tummy. More like from back to her side. And then she's content chilling out on her side for awhile, haha. I know she'll be rolling everywhere soon enough - so it's completely fine with me that she's not going anywhere yet. She has a great laugh and is still smiling all the time! She's also reaching and grabbing things now. :)


Pacifier, being held and swaddled, laughing, hanging out in the pool, and just being with people in general. She is a calm and easy-going baby.


Her car seat. Although, I will say she is getting better! She would scream and cry anytime we drove anywhere. And I mean that literally. I googled many things and almost chalked it up to motion sickness and figured we would have to suffer through it until we turned her car seat around, but out of nowhere she just quit crying. Ironically, it happened after a traumatic event in the car one day. We were driving to church and she started screaming (like usual) when we were halfway there. I tried to calm her with music, my voice and reaching my hand back to rock the car seat at stop lights. Nothing helped. When we finally arrived, I ran to open the back door and saw that her headband/hairbow thing had fallen IN HER EYE. It wasn't just covering her eye, but part of the elastic had wiggled it's way into her right eye and it was red and obviously irritated. I felt… horrible. It was like the "boy who cried wolf" scenario. I had stopped so many times before to check on her while she was crying, and there was never anything wrong. So I had gotten used to the fact that she just didn't like her car seat and would cry forever in it. And of course, this time something actually was wrong. She wouldn't open her eyes without crying for the rest of the morning/afternoon - it was so so sad. I was about to take her to the ER after several hours of this, when she finally started keeping them open more and more. And the redness and irritation was gone by the next morning! Praise God it wasn't anything too horrible. Needless to say, we don't wear headbands in the car anymore.

Things I Don’t Want to Forget

The way she stares up at me while nursing, or while I'm rocking her to sleep. Her eyes are so sweet. So full of life and expression. I can't get over the fact that I am blessed to be a mama to this sweet little girl. I'm trying to hold onto my children with "open hands." Knowing they are gifts from the Lord and ultimately they belong to Him. I don't want to ever forget that.

micahhannah4monthsWhat do you think? Can you see the resemblance? :)