Hannah Leigh | One Month


// One month. I can't believe it! Time really does go by so much faster as a parent, that is for sure. I can clearly remember taking Micah's one month photos - and here I am with my second baby taking hers! It is so surreal. I have loved being a mom since DAY ONE and it just keeps getting better and better. The two things I learned from doing Micah's monthly updates are 1) The monthly stickers start becoming a pain to keep on around 6 months, therefore we are digitally adding the month in this time around and 2) I had a hard time remembering what to write about each month. I found myself just rambling on and on about how much I loved him! Which is perfectly true. But when looking back, I would have liked to have known the little things that were going on in his growth and schedule. Thankfully, I kept a baby book with lots of details. But I also wanted to have some structure to these monthly updates with Hannah. So without further ado, here are a few highlights of Hannah's first month!


Hannah weighed 8lb 5oz at birth and left the hospital at 7lb 11oz. By her two week checkup she had already gained all of her weight back and then some - weighing 8lb 14oz! I was so proud. Micah has always been on the small side, so I am curious to see how Hannah will grow. I did a "home weigh-in" (weigh myself and then pick Hannah up and weigh again) a couple days ago and it said she was over 10lbs! She's a growing girl!


I have been so blessed with how well she is sleeping. We don't have a consistent schedule at all yet, but there is at least a good 5-6 hour stretch somewhere in there at night. I was setting my alarm for every 4 hours in the beginning, but lately I have gotten more relaxed with that. Let the baby sleep, is my motto. :) She is also spending more and more time awake during the day. That is the biggest hint on how well she will sleep at night. I feed her pretty frequently during the day too, especially right before bedtime, and I think that's been helping in getting her to sleep for longer stretches at night.


She grew out of newborn diapers and clothes around 2 weeks! She is wearing size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothing, with some 3 month onesies as well. I still try and squeeze her in some adorable newborn outfits. It's always bittersweet to see them outgrow their clothes.


Well, as you can tell by the weight gain and clothing size, Hannah is a good eater! I am exclusively breastfeeding again and thankful that there have been no issues so far. I'm definitely more natural and comfortable with it this time around. She also took her first bottle on Saturday! This is a HUGE thing for me, since Micah never took a bottle. You know what this means? DATE NIGHT! (Or at least ones that last a little longer)


It's hard for even me to believe, but she smiled at 3 weeks! And has been smiling for us (very randomly) ever since. I know it will only get better as she begins to interact more and more!


She is my paci-baby! I may love it a little much too. Along with a bottle, Micah also never took a pacifier, so we just handled his cries by trying to soothe him in other ways. But there were so many times (mostly on flights) that I wished he would take one. There may come a day where she doesn't take it anymore, or we struggle to have her give it up. But for now I like it that she likes it. She also loves kicking her feet, bath time, sleeping on my chest and lights! She is mesmerized by the light coming in through windows and lamps.


GAS PAINS. Poor girl grimaces every time. She's a lady, after all. :) But no, seriously, that has been our biggest hurdle so far. I didn't even know what gas drops were with Micah - never used them. But this time I was recommended them early on… and I think they are helping. It's amazing how different two babies can be, even having them so close together - it'll keep you on your toes!

Things I Don't Want to Forget

I don't want to forget how cute her little noises are - the coos, the gurgling. I just love the baby stage. She also has the most beautiful blue eyes (though they may change) and I love staring into them. I also want to remember how sweet Micah is to her. He is absolutely in LOVE with his baby sister. Hearing him say, "Hi baby!" or "Hi Hannah!" every morning, day and night is so precious. He also will ask to hold her by saying, "Hold you, Hannah!" Most. Adorable. Thing. Ever. I have loved watching him become a big brother.

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