This lap has room for two.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset As I sit here eating my Vanilla Caramel Drumstick in the middle of the day, enjoying my last few days/weeks/moments of being pregnant, I have a million thoughts going through my head. But only one that I want to write about.

I am going to meet my little girl soon

I want to be able to remember what I'm feeling in this moment. In the waiting. I couldn't tell you how many times I've gone back and read my last post before Micah was born. Remembering the swollen hands and feet. But more so, the grateful heart.

These are the times I am so thankful that I blog. Maybe not as consistently as I would like, but it beats having to search my house up and down for my paper journal and then flip through the pages hoping to find a meaningful word or memory. It's all right here, with a quick search.

Of course, this also means I am parading my heartfelt thoughts and emotions to strangers. But if Anne Frank could do it, then so could I.

I have a feeling Hannah is coming any day now. I am only 37 weeks, technically, so there is still plenty of time. But there have been twinges and hints that she is on her way. In fact, I just left the doctor and they gave me a smile and left me with the words, "maybe we'll see you tonight!" Maybe. Or maybe in three weeks when she is due.

I don't feel anxious at all, honestly. I have to admit, I was with Micah. I wanted so badly for him to be here the moment he was full term! I was so ready to hold him in my arms. But this time is different. I am content in waiting. I want Hannah to come when she is ready. And the Lord already knows her birthday.

I spent most of yesterday, "nesting," I guess you could say. Setting up a cozy corner in our room where I will nurse and rock her at night. When Micah walked in our room and saw the chair... he quickly came over and hopped up in my lap. It's like he knows.

But this lap has room for two. It has room for a whole lot more than that when I don't have a giant belly. And I can't wait to hold them here together.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset