Love in Words: "A Greater Purpose"

DSC_0644 _Snapseed Today I am sharing Josh and I's love story over at Sweet Tea, Sunshine and Serendipity! This blog is written by three of the sweetest girls I was blessed to go to college with. Their blog is always an encouragement to me. And I think it's pretty awesome that they have three different voices that contribute to it! I would definitely add them to your blog reading list. :)

Anyway, go ahead over and read our story. It's a very condensed version, I will say (I didn't want to overstay-my-welcome or they might not ask me back! ;) ) But if you are interested in reading our FULL love story (after you go read the condensed version, of course) then feel free to read it all in my "Meet the Robinson's" series I did last year by clicking below.

Meet the Robinson's: First Sight Meet the Robinson's: First Date Meet the Robinsons's: First Ministry Meet the Robinson's: A Wonderful Valentine