Little Baby Bump, Hannah

DSC_0564 _Snapseed On Monday we were able to have some maternity photos taken of our family. We've reached the 5 week countdown until Hannah's expected arrival, so I knew it was time if we were going to do them at all. Thankfully we have a beautiful state park, literally in our backyard, that we can walk to. It was a gorgeous day, 80 degrees with a slight breeze, not at all representative of the weather we've been having for most of this pregnancy, but absolutely perfect for taking photos.

We were blessed to have one of the sweet students at our church come over and use our camera to take the pictures for us. She has such a natural eye and talent! One reason we have so many pictures of our family is because of the gifted and talented friends and family around us. I believe it is God's little "wedding gift" to us.

Not many people know this, but to make a (very) long story short, we never received our wedding photos. The only photos we have of our wedding day are the ones guests took and the few that I was able to download from an online viewer after they were taken. And even those were unedited and not great quality.

I share all that, because I truly want everyone to know just how much it blesses my heart to have these photos of my family. Photos that I can frame and hang in our home. Our wedding day was just one day that wasn't captured. But, praise Jesus for a lifetime of happy moments to document!

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