Mommy can't get sick.

DSC_0067 copy Yesterday I woke up with a horrible cough. Like, the painful kind where you cough and feel like a lung is coming up or something. Poor Hannah must feel like she's on a roller coaster in my tummy.

But what's a mom to do when she feels like lying in bed all day?

There is still a little person who needs you. One who doesn't understand when you look him in the eyes and say in a gruffly tone of voice, "Mommy doesn't feel well."

Because in his mind, mommy can't get sick.

At 16 months, my son's whole world right now revolves around his ability to understand two things and two things well: 1) He has needs 2) Mommy/Daddy can meet those needs.

And that, we do. Whether it's feeding him when he's hungry or changing him when he's dirty. His needs are always met, and most of the time, with much urgency on our part.

But there are days, like yesterday, when it's hard. And feels more like a job (that you can't call in sick to) than the joy and blessing it actually is. It's these days when my flesh and spirit are weak. These days that I can quickly become irritable. These days that I need the reminder that alone, mommy is never going to be enough.

I need Jesus so badly.

His strength when I am weak. His patience when I have none. And most of all, I need my children to see that. Because the best gospel message we could ever teach them is that we are never going to be all they need.