Cassie + Jared | Maternity

DSC_0162 Meet my friends, Cassie and Jared. They are due to expect their first baby, a little boy named Lennon, in mid-February! (Fun fact: Cassie and I are almost exactly a month apart!) Jared is on staff with my husband at Church @ The Springs and serves as Creative Arts Director. They are a multi-talented couple - Cassie programs lights for the church and Jared is a gifted worship leader/songwriter. Basically, they are creativity in a nutshell.


This past weekend I had the honor of shooting a few maternity photos of them! They were kind enough to be my first official "photoshoot" with my new 35mm f1.8 lens (photography-nerd lingo for a really nice portrait lens) that I just got for Christmas. I couldn't be happier with the results! I am still working through my editing style and figuring out what exactly I'm doing when it comes to angles and poses. But having such beautiful models makes it so much easier!

DSC_0181DSC_0134 copyDSC_0296DSC_0189 _Snapseed

These two are going to be the coolest parents. Hands down! While we were taking these photos and looking for spots out in the Greenway (aka "Florida woods") to shoot, Cassie literally told me, "I don't mind dead things" in reference to all the bare branches and fallen leaves around. I find this setting actually quite beautiful for a maternity shoot. While things are dying around her, she is growing a beautiful new life inside.

DSC_0220DSC_0096 copyDSC_0113

I love Cassie and Jared. Love seeing them serve God with their gifts and talents. Love being their friends. And absolutely loved being able to capture this beautiful moment in their lives.