2014, a blog makeover

coffemug.jpg It's a rainy, first day of the New Year here in Florida. I've contemplated taking my Christmas tree down, but I just can't seem to gather up the energy to remove the beautifulness displayed in my living room corner. I really do wish it could stay up all year long.

So instead, I've decided to put my creative energy to good use here on the blog and give it a little makeover for 2014!

Because, what is a new year without a new blog design?!

I was going for clean and simple this year. Easy to read, easy to navigate and purposeful. Everything you see, from the top menu to the sidebar, has a distinct purpose. I wanted it to reflect my inner desire to get back to the basics of blogging - where it is all about the writing.

I experimented last year with this blog - joining the Influence Network, participating in blog challenges and linkups, writing guest posts - all in an attempt to experience online community. And while I did meet some awesome ladies and have loved seeing their blogs thrive in these types of avenues, I'm just not sure it's the right approach to blogging for me. I'm more of a write-when-inspired, what's-on-my-heart type of girl. I wanted my blog design to feel the same way.

So, that's what this makeover is about for me.

When you visit this blog, I hope you feel as though you just sat down at my kitchen table for a cup of hot chocolate (or coffee, if you like). Warm, cozy, friendly, personable. Those are the adjectives I would like to believe describe me offline and I hope they are what you feel when you visit my little space online too. :)