IMG_2600 Fifteen.

The number of months my little boy turns today, and the number of weeks I have left in this pregnancy. Never has a number seemed so small before. But today, fifteen seems like nothing.

Fifteen months ago, I was holding Micah in my arms for the first time. Fifteen weeks ago, I heard Hannah's heartbeat for the first time.

These moments seem like yesterday. I have lost all sense of time.

Before time gets away from me anymore, here are a few things I wanted to make sure to jot down about Micah and how he has been developing since he turned one!

1) At 13 months, he started walking. 

Just when I was beginning to think maybe he was going to crawl/crab walk his way around life forever, he stood up on his own and took a couple steps! I was so blessed to be at home to see those little, wobbly feet move for the first time on their own. It took him about a week of wobbly steps, before he actually started getting the hang of it. Now there is no stopping him! He is everywhere.

2) He has 12 teeth, including all four molars. 

This may seem like a total mom stat, but seriously, the kid has a mouth full of teeth! He's only missing his canines (aka "fang teeth"). He has been an easy teether so far, not much complaining at all. I've noticed he usually gets a cold and runny nose around the time he's teething though.

3) He is a TALKER.

I've stopped counting how many words he can say. I think last time I wrote them down, it was somewhere around 18-20 words. Now, we just enjoy talking to him. He learns new words every day. My favorite thing he has been saying lately is, "Love you." Ahhh... my heart melts every time. And I can hear his little voice saying it right now in my head... TOO MUCH, just too much. Other words include: ball (and just recently he's advanced to saying, "football") mommy, daddy, Heidi, apple, banana (or "nina"), bye-bye, yummies, book, dog, Bible, night-night, poo-poo, pee-pee, uh-oh, juice, hi (to anyone and everyone!), shoes, eyes, nose, cheese, yay, up (which also means "down"), and much to our delight... no-no. I am not exaggerating on these words either. This is his every day vocabulary. He can repeat a few other words to us, like "Batman" when he's wearing his Batman pj's. But for the most part, these are the words he uses on a regular basis.

4) He is a lean-mean-eating-machine. 

Maybe not so much the "mean" part, but he definitely is a lean little boy. His 12 months pants are falling off him! He could technically still wear a 9 months waist, but they are just too short on him (if anyone has some suggestions here on pants for skinny boys, that would help!) But the crazy thing is he can eat anytime of the day. And he would eat all day if I let him. He's not super picky about anything - he eats his fruits and veggies, loves meat, bread and can down a whole can of Puffs if I'm not watching him - except whole milk. I can't get him to drink anything but almond milk. This and perhaps a high metabolism, could be the reason he still only weighs 20lbs. But, this preggo mama is definitely not complaining!

5) He's a genius.

Let's forget that every parent wants to say this about their child. And that I am a completely biased mama. And let me just tell you this story... Yesterday, I lost him for a few minutes. I was doing things around the house and I noticed it got really quiet. So I called for him. No answer. "Micah! Where are you?" Then all of a sudden I heard sounds coming from the baby monitor that sounded like the TV in his room. So I hurried in there to see what was going on... and I found him, sitting comfortably in his baby swing (that he has basically outgrown) watching "Elf." No, really... he went in his room, turned the TV AND the DVR on, pressed play on the DVR and sat down in his chair and started watching "Elf." I laughed quietly and ran back out of his room to grab my camera to capture this epic moment on video.

[KGVID width="640" height="360"][/KGVID]

Thanks for letting me share a little bit about my boy with you today. I know writing down these memories will never be a waste of time. And while I look forward to the future and where our little family will be in just another fifteen months time, I am not rushing any of it. These fifteen months have been amazing, and in fifteen weeks I get to start it all over again with another little gift from God.

Just, fifteen.