Weekend Getaway

This past weekend, I took my first road trip alone with Micah to visit some friends in Dothan, Alabama! I've been planning this visit for months. One of my dearest friends is due to have her baby in less than two weeks, so it was great to have that chance to see her before she becomes a mama (although, it's going to take everything in me not to drive back up there when she has that baby!) During our visit, I was able to go see Needtobreathe in concert at the Peanut Festival! It was fun and they are insanely good live, but we only stayed for a few songs because the wind chill was just a little too much for Micah (and this mama!) I was sad we had to miss most of it, but that's the cost of being a parent sometimes. You have to do what's best for your children. :)

One morning we spent about an hour walking around the Botanical Gardens and I decided to bring along my "nice camera." I am SO glad I did! I caught some adorable candid photos of my little boy.

It's so hard to believe how fast he is growing up! But looking at these pictures just really makes it come alive. He is definitely a little toddler now! And quite a handsome one, at that. :)

DSC_0015 _SnapseedDSC_0027 _SnapseedDSC_0037 _SnapseedDSC_0042 _SnapseedDSC_0074DSC_0082 _SnapseedDSC_0097 _SnapseedDSC_0104 _SnapseedDSC_0118 _SnapseedDSC_0121 _SnapseedDSC_0125 _SnapseedDSC_0131 _SnapseedMicah: 14 months | Me + Hannah: 22 weeks pregnant