Day 31: The End of the Journey, but not the Battle

beingcontentsmall.jpgMy one month journey of blogging on contentment ends today. And yet, I feel as though I've just barely scratched the surface here. Writing on any topic for 31 30 days is a challenge. I commend all of you who took part in this journey! And definitely have a new respect for daily bloggers. It is a huge commitment.

But from the beginning of this challenge on September 30th, to right now, sitting here on October 31st, I truly believe I have been the one blessed.

The Lord gave me new eyes this month, to see each day as a new day and the circumstances in my life in a new way. Sometimes it was easy for me to spot the discontentment in my heart and sometimes it was hidden, either because it had found a comfortable home in the deep crevices or I was too afraid to humble myself and admit it was there in the first place.

But everyday I showed up asking the Lord what it was He wanted me to share that day. A lot of prayers and listening for God's voice went on while I rocked my little Micah to sleep. I can't explain the healing that occurred just by taking this time to listen. Not all of the things that He taught me were able to make it to a post, so I'd like to end this series with just a few things I've learned and ways I've grown in my faith as a wife, mom and blogger.

1. Eternal purpose for every situation.

I've always believed there was a purpose for everything. And that God causes all things to work together for His good (Romans 8:28). But now, I am actually looking for it. I am aware of it. And every problem is ultimately a way for me to give Him glory, because I would never be able to face it on my own.

2. Authenticity with everyone.

I just started a Beth Moore bible study called "Sacred Secrets," and in it she talks about the three laws of sharing that she believes have a biblical basis. Authenticity with everyone, Transparency with most and Intimacy with some. I believe this blog has made it to the Transparency level. I've shared some things I probably never would have had I not taken part in this challenge, and I've seen the Lord glorified and others encouraged through it. From now on, this blog will always be a place of authenticity and transparency. If someone was to read this blog and then meet me in person, I would want them to say I am exactly who they thought I would be.

3. This is my voice!

This leads me to the final, unexpected thing I learned by blogging everyday. I've finally found my "voice" on this blog! For years I have been blogging, but never have I been able to sit down and feel like the words flowed as freely and genuinely as they have this month. Maybe having one topic to focus on kept me from drifting all over the place, or maybe it's a combination of the things listed above, but whatever the cause for this new freedom of writing/expression, I want it to stay.

My journey of writing about "being content" may be ending, but that doesn't mean the battle has. I will forever be fighting the urge to give in to a discontented spirit. I'm just thankful that this month gave me a launching pad for how to daily put my trust in Jesus in every circumstance. And maybe you found yourself in some of my stories, and if so I would love to hear about it. We are never alone, and never meant to fight these battles alone. So thank you for being on this journey with me! It doesn't end here. :)

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