Day 13: Praying for a Pumpkin

Yesterday we visited a local pumpkin patch and let Micah pick out his very first pumpkin!As soon as we walked up he started saying, "ball! ball!" over and over. Anything round is a ball these days. :)


While we were visiting we ran into a few friends of ours and their kids. Their daughter was so sweet to pick up Micah after he was attacked on his feet by some fire ants! She plopped him on a pumpkin. So adorable.


Having a child has brought out so many things in me. One of those is a desire for him to experience so much joy in life! Things like going to a pumpkin patch or seeing lights during Christmas time. It's not even about reliving childhood memories for me. I just love to experience life with him.





I can't help but think back to almost exactly two years ago, when I wrote this post while Josh and I were praying for a little pumpkin of our own. I just have so much gratitude for where God has brought us from then to now. He knew that Micah was only a couple years away, and that we'd be welcoming another baby girl soon after! All those tears I cried, and He was saying, "just wait."

Whatever situation or season of life that we find ourselves discontent in, I believe there is a "just wait" answer that is being drowned out by our own cries and our own expectations about how life should be. The whole time, God has a plan that is beyond what we can even imagine. We just have to remind ourselves to trust Him. Seek Him. Pray daily for His will to be done. And then, believe it will.



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