Day 11: One Thing that Matters

Oh hello there. I hope the crickets on the blog this morning didn't bother you too much. The inevitable happened and I missed a day. We got home yesterday from vacation and in the midst of rushing to get dinner ready, taking care of my boy who has a little cold, and revamping my husband's website to set up an online shop, I ran out of time. No excuses though.

I was hoping no one would notice that I was kinda, already, trailing behind the past few days. I was staying up until a little past midnight to get in a post for that day. Whew. They don't call it a blogging "challenge" for nothing, huh?

And then today I got this text...


Thanks for noticing, sis. I knew I could count on you.

So here I am. Starting fresh with Day 11. As Day 10 rests in peace in the history of drafts that never get published. 

If you guys want to know the truth, this is how my life seems to go pretty regularly. I am not your Type A personality at all. Actually, I've heard that term so many times and never even knew what the actual traits of a "Type A" personality were. I just knew I was nothing like the people that were saying they were one. So I looked it up for myself:

Type A Personality

  • Type A’s have a severe sense of time urgency. They are always running and can hardly relax. If they sat without doing something useful they may end up feeling guilty.
  • Type A’s are over achievers, they usually get themselves involved in many different unrelated activities and perform well in them all.
  • Type A's biggest problem is stress, they are usually overwhelmed by the amount of tasks they have to do. These tasks are usually a huge list that they planned for themselves.
  • Type A is usually competitive and has a high challenging spirit.

Type B Personality

  • Type B personality is almost the opposite of Type A. This type of person is relaxed by nature and has no sense of time urgency.
  • Type B's have no problems relaxing or sitting without doing anything.
  • Type B's may delay the work they have to the last moment and they usually don't get stressed that easily.
  • Type B could be an achiever too but his lack of sense of time urgency helps him much in not feeling stressed while doing his tasks.

I would say I definitely lean towards a Type B personality. My husband is a Type A. It's funny, because I really think we've helped each other find a happy balance. I am trying to challenge myself to make lists and complete tasks (on time) more often and he has really learned how to sit down and make time to relax.

I know personality tests and stereotypes are not everything, but there is a peace in knowing how you function. Not to use it as an excuse, quite the opposite actually, but as a way to challenge yourself to improve in your weaknesses.

That's the whole reason I attempted this blogging challenge. Because I need more routine, diligence and perseverance in my life.

So I don't feel like a failure at all for missing one stinkin' day. In my book, this is a record! And all the positive affirmation I've received from so many of you who have been encouraged, uplifted and challenged right along with me - have spurred me on to continue writing from a place of honesty and transparency. I know that I can be real here.

This may sound a little contradictory for a Type B, but I haven't always felt content about my personality.

I've often compared myself with many other more disciplined, organized and detailed women. Those who make lists and collect coupons and plan out their dinner schedules. Those who clean their homes on a routine basis. Those who are never late to an appointment and always the first to send out thank you cards (ugh, that was just a painful reminder that I still need to send out cards from Micah's birthday party).

Those who would never, ever start a blogging challenge and then miss a post

I have tried to do all these things, and do them well. But like today, I found myself missing the mark. Again and again.

Then I always go back to the story of Mary and Martha.

I may not be doing all those things well. I may need to improve in many areas of my life involving the mundane and routine tasks. But if every day I can look for the one thing that matters and do that well - I believe that I'm doing the right thing.

Yesterday, blogging was never on "the one thing that mattered" list. My family needed me more. Now, if I had planned ahead (something that I do need to work on) then you would have seen an entirely different post here this morning. But there is a reason for everything, I believe that.

And something else I am super grateful for today? That my relationship with Jesus is never about me measuring up. And if there is ever anything to be content about, it's that.

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