Day 1: Taking off the Mask

1timothy66 For the past month, I've been doing a bible study called Stuck by Jennie Allen with some of the women in my church. It is the places we all get stuck in life - anger, fear, brokenness, discontentment - and how we can find freedom.

Every week has been great. But there was one chapter that caused my hands to sweat and heart to pound as soon as I read the title.

Chapter 3: Discontent

You see, I am leading a table of women. Not in any spiritually-superior way, but I guide the discussion, offer insight and testimony when needed. When I read the title of this chapter, I just knew that I would be sitting there in a puddle, the weakest of the bunch, humbly admitting my struggle.

And I was. But you know what else? Something funny happened. As soon as I opened my mouth and admitted that I get discontent every time I look in the mirror, the entire table echoed in agreement. The entire table.

So why am I blogging about Being Content for 31 days? Because I know I'm not alone.

And while there are many things that I could write about that inspire and excite me, I'm taking off the mask and writing about an area of my life that I really need to find freedom in. And maybe you're sitting there thinking that you are the only one with a poor self image, poor bank account, poor this and poor that. Well hopefully, through this series, you will find freedom too.

"Here is the problem with us: we don't go to war with our invisible, soul-sickening sin. We deal with the big, showy, obvious sin that everyone sees, but the invisible stuff is trickier, sneakier, deadlier. Discontentment in the form of jealousy, comparison, and greed is making us sick. It washes over our minds constantly and yet we are so accustomed to it, we have become numb - stuck. The more the word is tossed in my head, the angrier I become. I am angry at the devil, at myself, at this world. I am angry that such small and insignificant dreams bind us so tightly that we live disappointed and paralyzed. - Stuck by Jennie Allen"

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