#31days of Being Content

There was a time in my life when I was fairly certain that blogging every day was impossible. Actually, that time was yesterday. And five minutes ago.

Tonight, after picking up a pile of toys and finding myself with an hour before I needed to put Micah to bed, I got inspired. An hour of free time people, this is what inspires me. I decided to take a leap of faith and jump in on The Nester's 31 day blogging challenge for the month of October.

The only kicker... we are supposed to choose one topic to blog on for the whole month.

I struggled for like... 10 seconds, then I remembered a blog post I started last week and literally quit writing because I couldn't condense it to just one area of my life. This is more than just a topic for me. It is an attempt at reminding myself every day, for the next 31 days, of the need for contentment in my life.

In my home. In my marriage. In my relationships. In my finances. In my abilities. In my day to day life of being a stay-at-home mom.

I can't promise it won't be messy. I can't promise that I won't be hiding in a corner afraid to share the real-life dirt that is going on in my heart. But I promise you this - I will do my best. Because I believe that God has a purpose for every story. And in 31 days, hopefully you will see the purpose in mine.


>>> I will list every day's post here as it goes live. <<<

Day 1: Taking off the Mask Day 2: In the Hard Things Day 3: When Mess Becomes Worth Day 4: Just Staying Home Day 5: I Must Decrease Day 6: What I'm Called to Do Day 7: One Week of Blogging Day 8: Seeing the Magic through a Child's Eyes Day 9: The Lie that I Believe Day 10 Day 11: One Thing that Matters Day 12: Getting to Know God Day 13: Praying for a Pumpkin Day 14: My Little Onion (18 Weeks) Day 15: There Will Always Be Someone Better Than You Day 16: Knowing too Much Day 17: Choosing a Baby Name Day 18: A Little Self-Promotion Day 19: My Prayer Song Day 20: Speak What is True Day 21: No Friendship Will Ever Be the Same Day 22: The Refining Process of Parenting Day 23: When Plans Fail Day 24: Will My House Ever Be Clean?! Day 25: Spending a Day in Rest Day 26: When I Need Grace Day 27: When You Smile, I Smile Day 28: What I learned from watching, "The Walking Dead." Day 29: Touched By An Angel Day 30: The Costume I Wear Everyday Day 31: The End of the Journey, but not the Battle