Baby Robinson is going to be...

Image 5 Today we made our way to the doctor bright and early to find out the gender of our next baby! We are SO EXCITED to announce that our  next baby will be the...

Image 2

AHHHHHHH!!! We are having a GIRL!!!

I was so shocked and excited that I CRIED! I honestly wasn't sure it was in the Robinson DNA to have a little girl. For those of you who don't know, Josh has three brothers and his dad grew up with all brothers, so the Robinson male line is a strong one!

But if I were completely honest, in my heart it wasn't a complete surprise.

Josh actually prayed a few months ago (before I was even pregnant!) that we'd have a little girl. It was very random and sweet. We were out to eat and he just looked up and said, "I prayed that we'd have a little girl next." I was shocked, first of all, that he was talking about having another baby so soon! Haha. And then, I was worried that it wouldn't happen and it would seem like his prayer was unanswered.

So this whole time, I have remembered his prayer. And when we got pregnant again, it was the first thing I thought about.

I'm so glad Micah will be a big brother and get to PROTECT his sweet little sister!! I think his only concern right now is that she will want to play "ball!" with him. If she's anything like her mama, I'm sure she will. ;)

We are still deciding on a name (believe it or not, we had a boy name picked out!) and will share that process on here soon!

We can't wait to meet Baby GIRL Robinson coming March 2014!

(Also, be sure to check out my husband's blog for a video announcement he put together!)