Happy Birthday, Micah!

Image _Snapseed One year ago today, at 10:33pm, we met our precious son, Micah Jordan!

We celebrated his birthday this past weekend with family and friends and it was such a GREAT time! We are so blessed to have people surrounding us that not only love us, but our child(ren)! I will be sharing more about his party in a few days, but for now, I wanted to look back on this past year and celebrate what God has done in Micah's life.

A couple highlights from this month:

Micah now has 8 teeth. Weighs about 20lbs and is 29.5 in long. He learned to say "up" and "uh-oh" and is trying to repeat words that we say now too! He is not walking yet, but is getting better at standing on his own. :)

Read back through the monthly updates to see how he's grown!

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I made this video/slideshow a few weeks ago to recap Micah's first year. The song I'm singing is one of my favorites by Bethany Dillon, "You're the Best Song." It means a whole lot to me in this season of life. Being a mother is truly my calling, and there's no greater song I could write than the one that is being written right now...