month: eleven

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This is it... the last month before Micah will turn ONE. I am just blown away with how fast this year has gone! But at the same time, I cannot imagine life without our precious boy! I can honestly say, I know for a fact I was created to be a mother. I always knew it was a desire of my heart. I just didn't know how MUCH until I became one.

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And it still really hasn't set in yet that in a few months, Micah will be an OLDER brother. I am feeling the pregnancy symptoms like crazy this time (mainly the reason I'm using our family photos, instead of the "monthly sticker" photos for this post - I was just too tired and hungry and nauseous to get around to taking them) but we have our first "official" doctor appointment in a week, so I'm sure it will become so much more real then! (By the way, can I just say that having to wait until almost 11 weeks for our first doctor appointment has been quite the test of my patience. I had two ultrasounds by this point with Micah!!)

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Anyway, back to our growing boy. This month Micah has become quite the chatterbox! We still don't understand all of it - but what we can make out very clearly is the word "ball! " It's so cute to hear him say it! (If you follow me on Instagram, you may have heard the video) A fun fact, is that this was also his daddy's first real word! And Josh is quite the athlete, so of course he believes this can only be a good sign of things to come. ;)

Of course, I'm fairly convinced that Micah is a little singer already. I promise that he sings along with me. It's just in the form of "ahhh's" but I'm pretty sure I can hear a little vibrato in there at times. ;)

Seriously though, we are proud parents. And we can only dream of what gifts the Lord has given to him!

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I think we are beginning to see the transition from baby to toddler.

He sleeps well at night (11 hours) but is struggling to take that second nap lately. He plays well with other kids. He is drinking from a straw. He is finally holding a sippy cup. He is learning to repeat words and sounds. He is cruising all along the furniture and can stand a few seconds on his own.

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I am so excited to come back and share about his 1st birthday party next month! I've been doing some planning and shopping already. I am not as much about the decorations as I am about the celebration with friends and family. But I've had a lot of fun thinking up some creative ideas. :)

Enjoy this last picture of Micah on the swing. His face cracks me up here!

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